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Comprehensive Programming Reform
The Penn Hills School District is NOT considering cuts that may be viewed as capricious. Rather, we are following the path outlined last year, reviewed by our lenders and bond insurers, and encouraged by our original Transparency Committee. In this regard, we are focused on comprehensive reform that includes a thorough review of program impact and available options. Yes, spending is a strong consideration, but we want to remind everyone that we are in the business of education. Finance cannot drive what we do. We have an obligation to provide quality education to the students of our community, and we have an obligation to review regularly the impact of our efforts. We cannot assume that what we’re doing works, especially when we have more than 700 students attending charter schools. We have moved into two new buildings that are absolutely beautiful, however, this physical move didn’t include a review of what we are doing inside those buildings. Now, it’s time to look deeper at our programs and what other districts are doing in comparison. Our comprehensive review includes consideration of start times, graduation requirements, class schedules, etc. The irony is that programmatic changes being considered appear to be more cost-effective. While it’s a scary time, the opportunity to improve effectiveness and efficiency is very exciting! PHSD will continue to consult with the PA Department of Education throughout the reform process.
-as posted 2/19/2016
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Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessments (K-12) / Title I and II
Renel L. Williams
(412) 793-7000
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Director of Special Education
Darren Kennedy
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Ext. 1247
Business Manager
Robert F. Geletko
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