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Students Receive Second Donation From Benefactor
Penn Hills students at this year’s National Honor Society (NHS) Induction Ceremony, held on March 15, 2017, were pleasantly surprised by speaker Fritz Kummer.

Mr. Kummer had previously presented a check at a Special Board meeting in December 2016 in the amount of $40,000 through his nonprofit organization, Honors to Prom. The nonprofit's mission is to celebrate high school students' academic achievements by giving deserving students, who might not otherwise be able to afford the "total experience," the night of their dreams. With this initial donation, Honors to Prom will provide complimentary Prom tickets to all Penn Hills Class of 2017 Seniors.

At the NHS ceremony last week, Mr. Kummer was the guest speaker. His speech emphasized remembering one’s roots and giving back in service to the community. And he led by example, paying it forward for Class of 2018 Seniors, telling them that Honors to Prom will be paying for their prom tickets next year as well. This donation is expected to be accepted by the School Board at the March 27th meeting.

Students were extremely excited by his generosity. Many of the students and their parents came up to him after the program to personally thank him. Superintendent Dr. Nancy Hines said that “we cannot believe the blessing for Fritz Kummer to have found our District and to be so supportive, especially at such a difficult time.”

Partnering with NHS, and specifically with chapters at schools within communities having documented financial struggles, Honors to Prom hopes to impress upon students the importance of academic achievement and excellence throughout their high school years. At the outset, Honors to Prom will offer complimentary Prom tickets to Seniors who are otherwise on track for graduation. Gradually, however, the focus will shift to rewarding only NHS members and those equally deserving students who may be short of meeting the academic requirements for NHS membership but who have demonstrated excellence in the nonacademic areas required for NHS membership: service, leadership, and character.

Honors to Prom is working to secure its certification as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, allowing it to accept donations and expand into numerous school districts where economically challenged families make up a significant portion of the student body. For more info, visit
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