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PAGE Super Saturday Coming Up - Updated
Super Saturday will once again occur this year on March 25th. Super Saturday is an opportunity for students K-6 to participate in up to two intriguing and engaging classes. The event will take place from 9-12 at Linton Middle School. PAGE is very excited to offer a variety of classes, including Sign Language, Kitchen Chemistry, and much more.

You may register for courses by sending the form below into the school OR by submitting it to the PAGE president via e-mail. Note that if you do submit this form via e-mail, you will either have to send money into the school or be prepared to pay on the day of the event. Registrations will be taken until Friday, March 24, 2017.

This event is open to any child in grades K-6, including children outside of the Penn Hills School District.  The District serves as a host site only and is not directly sponsoring the event.
Attachments Available To Download:
Super Saturday Registration Form
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