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PHHS Team Advances to Odyssey Worlds Competition
Students from a team at the Penn Hills High School recently won first place and received the OMER Award at the regional Odyssey of the Mind competition. They then went on to place first at the state level, which means they will be representing the District at the Worlds Competition in May. The event will be held at Michigan State University.

According to the Pennsylvania Odyssey website:

”Odyssey of the Mind provides students the opportunity to learn to express themselves creatively, while developing life-long problem-solving skills. Students learn the value of brainstorming and teamwork, as they grow their self-confidence and appreciation for the ideas and strengths of others while in an encouraging team-focused atmosphere. Their unforgettable experiences as an Odyssey team build their skills to succeed in their personal lives and future careers.”

Students are called upon to solve any of a number of problems. In the case of the winning HS team, they presented the problem “Classics…It’s Time, OMER.” The team created a time travel piece where they went back and forward in time to discover classic works of art that have already been created and those yet to come.

The team--composed of Emily White, Bri Kulwik, Katie Holler, Haley Then, Sarah Salego, Azure Johnson-Payne, and Jacob Russell—is coached by Laura White. The group has been hard at work raising funds for the trip to Michigan State and has other events planned in the coming weeks. There will be an ice cream social on Thursday, April 27, 2017, in the High School Cafeteria as well as car washes at Arby's on May 13 and 14, 2017. There will also be a bake sale at Linton Middle School on Election Day, May 16, 2017. For those interested in making a donation for the team’s trip, a GoFundMe page has also been set up at

The students also received an OMER Award at the regional competition for exhibiting exemplary leadership and mentoring some of the younger teams. They were observed explaining and engaging with some elementary teams, and it was thought that they perfectly embodied the spirit and philosophy of Odyssey of the Mind.
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