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Penn Hills School District

Update from the Superintendent

Dear PH Families-
We are expecting that Harrisburg will either mandate or recommend continued closure of our PA schools beyond Friday, March 27.  Given that expectation, we are preparing to move forward with our continuity of education efforts.  With this approach, members of our teaching staff are in the process of transitioning to an online learning format.  Understanding and being respectful that not all students may work best this way,
Case managers, will be reaching out to families of disabled students who qualify for specially designed instruction to discuss the appropriateness of a virtual learning pathway versus more traditional learning packets.  As we shift to a virtual model for most, Seniors will be a top priority in terms of trying to reinstate learning that matches as much as possible the student's current class schedule.  We are maintaining flexibility with all other grade levels.
Universal understandings and acceptances in the moment:
1. We are proceeding as if we will be able to maintain our 19/20  PHSD calendar for the remainder of the school year, as is.  We will extend our school year, only if directed.  However, it is likely that we will treat April 6, 7, and 8 as (modified) learning days, with no PHSD activities expected on April 9 and 10.
2. We are shifting our operation to mostly online and hope to begin launching our latest PH version of "continuity of education" efforts as of Monday, March 30.  On this same date, we expect our CHIEFS Academy to resume all online activities (with no drop-in center support available until further notice).
3. Modified instruction is expected to follow a flexible daily schedule that includes active student and staff exchanges between the hours of 10 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm. Not all classes may be offered everyday for grades K-11. 
4. Our food distribution center at Linton has converted to a curbside model and will remain open Monday-Friday from 12-2 pm.  No child will be turned away who appears and requests food, and we are exploring ways to shift work packet distribution to this same area.    
5. While there are restrictions in place to ensure social distancing, only essential employees will continue to report to work onsite, namely district administrators and select food service workers, along with sufficient custodial support needed to cleanse work and food distribution areas daily.
All parties agree, including government officials, that we cannot sit back and wait for someone to build a perfect alternative learning model, because our kids and families need us now.  So, we in the Penn Hills School District have agreed to combine and share resources and to get it done!  We appreciate your ongoing support.
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