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Penn Hills School District

March 30th Public Board Meeting - Clarification & Reassurance

Our Monday, March 30, 2020 public voting session will be hosted, as scheduled, at Linton MS, beginning at 6:00 pm to ensure that essential district operations are not interrupted during the current school closure, such as food and cleaning supply purchase and delivery.  However,  the physical space and format for the meeting will be modified to allow public access while also following social distancing guidelines.  We intend to follow the agenda that will be posted online prior to the start of the meeting, and formal minutes will be kept. 
As a point of clarification and reassurance, meeting modifications will include mostly remote communications with the bulk of our Board Members, and only select district officials will be on site and participate in person, including our Board President, Board Treasurer, Solicitor (who will also serve in the dual role of Board Secretary), and our Superintendent.  Our Chief Recovery Officer will also participate remotely.
The physical meeting space will be modified to allow onsite participation for those Penn Hills residents who wish to attend in person, and we will ensure no more than 10 individuals occupy the same, individual seating area.  Speakers will be installed to project meeting dialogue to all available seating areas that will remain physically separate.  
The Superintendent will also be equipped to read onto the record public comments received via her email ( the meeting is in session, beginning at 6:00 pm and until the meeting is formally adjourned.  For Penn Hills residents who wish to have remarks read onto the record, you should reference PUBLIC COMMENT in the subject box of your email.  You will also need to state your name to be read onto the record and your specific Penn Hills home address.  The Solicitor reserves the right to reject any/all emailed remarks that may be viewed as lewd, profane, or offensive.  We thank everyone in advance for your cooperation as we work together to maintain operations.
PHSD Administration and Board
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