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Penn Hills School District

Update from the Superintendent

While we do not expect a traditional learning format to be reinstated this school year, remote learning continues.  Shortly after the mandated school closure began, our K-12 staff started sharing activities that are grade-level appropriate and course-specific to ensure our students continue learning, albeit it from home.  Completion of these assignments will be considered in determining graduation eligibility for this year and grade-level promotion for 20/21.

Our Seniors have already transitioned to an online learning model and will continue with assigned coursework through the end of this school year.   Once we were able to equip our Seniors with available technology and those K-12 students who qualify for specially designed instruction, we extended the loan of Chromebooks to our remaining K-12 families to help facilitate continued learning in the home.  We also continue to respect those families who prefer more traditional work packets for their students, and we have a team of staff who have been helping to get updated packets mailed out regularly to those students' homes.  

Penn Hills School District is near completion of a modified grading protocol, whereby 3rd quarter grades will likely be capped as of March 13, 2020, the last school day before Governor Wolf mandated the closure of schools.  Once 3rd quarter grades are tallied and posted, we hope to allow students and their families an opportunity to appeal any assigned 3rd quarter grade based on work completed from March 16-31, 2020, if they feel this work would have enhanced their 3rd quarter grade(s).  

For the 4th quarter, K-11 work completion will continue to be monitored by our instructional staff; however, we expect to convert to a Pass/Fail model.  Teachers will use their review of work completed April 1-June 12, 2020 to determine whether/not students have met individual course and/or grade-level requirements.  Given the challenges of our current situation, families should feel confident that teachers will remain flexible when calculating student grades, and they will make every effort not to penalize students for the limitations that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. There will also be a grade-appeal process put into effect after 4th quarter grades are posted.

Mr. Kostic and Senior Class Sponsors have secured the following dates for modified end-of-year activities:
Thursday, July 9:  PHHS Senior Night on the Gateway Clipper
Friday, July 17:  Commencement for the Class of 2020 at Yuhas-McGinley Stadium

*Of course, dates are subject to change, and/or events may be cancelled if social distancing restrictions remain in effect.

We will continue to keep students, families and staff updated.

For information regarding our Continuity of Education Plan, please visit our district website(

Take care,

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