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Penn Hills School District

Update from the Superintendent- Dec. 8, 2020

Good afternoon.  I wanted to take a moment to share the latest tally of confirmed COVID-19 cases within Penn Hills School District, as I know WE are ALL watching case numbers close to home and beyond.  According to our PHSD records,  the breakdown of known cases is listed below.  While we take care not to confirm direct PHSD affiliations in most cases, I believe a more specific breakdown that spans a period of almost nine (9) months is less likely to compromise privacy.


Total PHSD Affiliates Confirmed Positive for COVID-19 from 3/13/20-12/8/20:  44 






Hybrid Students 


100% Remote Students 


Other Students 




PHSD Staff 


Contracted Service Providers 

PHSD continues to consult with Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) officials as part of standard case-by-case review.  This comprehensive review includes discussion of not only confirmed positive cases but also situations whereby exposure is suspected.  PHSD also continues to work collaboratively with ACHD to support contact-tracing efforts, and we assist with notification of quarantine directives and/or provide courtesy updates as deemed appropriate by ACHD.


We thank EVERYONE for your ongoing support, patience, and trust.  PLEASE continue practicing safeguards (wearing masks, distancing, and washing hands frequently) throughout your day.  We remind ALL members of our PHSD Family to, PLEASE, stay home if you are experiencing any of the symptoms thought to be associated with COVID-19.  WE wish EVERYONE continued good health.




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