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Penn Hills School District

Middle School & High School AI Summer Program by Stanford PhD Students

My name is Aidan, and I’m a program manager at Inspirit AI, an artificial intelligence education program run by graduate students from Stanford, MIT, and Harvard. I wanted to reach out to invite your students to apply for our spring and summer programs.

At Inspirit, we've worked with more than 2000 students from 30 different countries to teach them fundamental concepts of coding and AI and prepare them for university admissions. In 2020, almost half of our students came in with no coding background — and they left ready to build AI projects addressing real-world issues in areas they’re passionate about such as journalism, environmental science, and medicine.

I also wanted to share a glimpse of our exciting new projects, tackling problems like fake news dissemination, deforestation in the Amazon, the search for exoplanets, algorithmic stock trading, and many others.

Your students can apply here for our spring and summer programs, and I’d really appreciate it if you could share our brochure and the note below with them. The deadline for both programs is April 30th.

If you have any questions or want to know more, I’m happy to hop on a call!



(P.S. you can read more about us and our vision in Forbes)


Aidan Goltra
Program Manager, Inspirit AI
[email protected] | (925) 451-7647

High School and Middle School AI + Social Good Programs by Stanford PhD Students
Inspirit AI offers live online (25 hours) enrichment programs that expose high school students (Grades 9-12) and middle school students (Grades 5-8) to fundamental artificial intelligence concepts and the opportunity to build socially impactful projects in areas including art, journalism, education, and more. Taught by our team of graduate students from Stanford and MIT, students receive a personalized, interdisciplinary learning experience with a student-teacher ratio of 4:1. We offer multiple dates and times for our Summer Break programs, and students of all backgrounds may apply here for our high school program and here for our middle school programs by April 30th. For detailed course information, check out our high school website and brochure or our middle school website and flyers. Please contact Lucas Hornsby at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you!


*Not a PHSD sponsored event.*

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