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Penn Hills School District

Update from the Superintendent - April 30, 2021

Can you believe we have fewer than 30 days remaining in the current school year?  Admittedly, many of us, (whether student, parent, guardian, or employee), likely felt at some point this crazy year would never end, but here we are!  I truly believe it is Penn Hills' familiarity with struggle and strong sense of community that has helped us to adapt and to overcome, yet again.  
When you think about it, it is absolutely amazing!  Who knew our large-school design (which has created so much hardship with regard to finance) would be our saving grace when it came to providing a safe space to learn and a safe space to work?  It has not been easy, and it certainly hasn't been pretty.  We've seen the negative effects of trauma manifest throughout the school year, including elevated stress levels and clear signs of fatigue; however, once again, Penn Hills has shown we stand TOGETHER in good times and in bad.
It is with this same spirit of community healing and support that we are putting the final touches on our K-12 summer program design.  While we will be offering credit recovery options for our older students and revisiting essential content and skills for our younger students, we are most excited to share that several PH Superstar Alumni will be popping in and engaging with our kids throughout these 20 days (June 21-July 2 and August 2-13).  Our PH Superstar Alumni will be sharing stories about their individual PH experiences and the pathways they've followed to become high-achieving nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists, and professional athletes, just to name a few careers that will be represented.  Our Principals will be sharing more specific details about our summer program in the coming weeks.
As we close out the year, please keep in mind the following dates:   
  • Tues, May 18         100% Remote Learning (due to school use as polling sites)
  • Fri, May 28             Kennywood Day/NO SCHOOL
  • Mon, May 31         Memorial Day/NO SCHOOL
  • Fri, June 11            Last Day of School/Commencement for the Class of 2021 
  • TBD                        Optional Baccalaureate Service for the Class of 2021
                                   (Faith Community Church)
  • Thurs, June 17       Prom for the Class of 2021 (Heinz Field)
Finally, we are working with local and regional health professionals to organize a Pfizer vaccine clinic for those ages 16 and up.  More details are forthcoming, but our goal is to administer two doses onsite at PHHS prior to the end of school.  However, I want to be very clear our health advisors continue to stress, regardless of vaccination status, the need for masks, physical distancing, and frequent handwashing when onsite and when in larger group settings offsite.  We appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation.
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