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Penn Hills School District

Update from the Superintendent - 9/3/21

As we are closing out our first week of school for the new year, I wanted to touch base on a few items.  Known COVID-19 cases to date across Penn Hills School District from July 1, 2021 through today are at 6, with 2 of these cases having involved adults only.  Each of these 2 cases was reported prior to the start of school as well.  The other 4 cases involve PHHS affiliates (students/staff); however, contact tracing indicates there is NO relationship among these cases.  We ask EVERYONE to, please, remain vigilant over the holiday weekend to help us maintain onsite learning without interruption.  Beyond that, please, consider vaccination if you haven't yet done so.
As we know, the first week is generally tough, and that's in the absence of a pandemic and its related impact on transportation services.  However, I remain hopeful and am inspired by what a small group of Linton soccer players just told me.  When I asked this group how the first week has been, two spoke out louder than the others and said, "Terrible".  Of course, I had to pursue their remarks and ask for more details.  One student told me her teachers' voices get on her nerves, and the older student told me she doesn't like getting up early.  I was relieved to say the least.
Please trust that I am not minimizing any of the issues we've experienced this week.  Rather, I am trying to remain focused and to keep it about our kids.  We sincerely appreciate EVERYONE'S cooperation and patience this week and look forward to smoother operations in many departments as of next week.
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