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Penn Hills School District

School Safety Update

The Penn Hills School District is implementing a new hotline that is being launched by
the PA Attorney General's Office today, January 14, 2019.  Over the past few weeks,
several select staff at the District level have been participating in related training.  We
will be providing more information to our larger staff in the coming weeks, and students
at Linton MS and Penn Hills HS will use designated class time in the near future to learn
more about the intent of the hotline and navigation. The Penn Hills School District
website will provide documentation and resources as they become available.

Penn Hills School District will also be offering an opportunity for all residents to engage
in a presentation being hosted by retired FBI Agent Michael Finnegan on Wednesday,
January 30, 2019 from 7:00-8:30 pm in our Penn Hills HS Auditorium.  Agent Finnegan
will be addressing issues of cyber-bullying and Internet predators and highlight cases in
which individuals of all ages have become unknowingly entangled in circumstances that
have compromised them mentally, physically, legally, and/or financially.  This is
expected to be a very impactful session, and residents should feel free to bring guests
from beyond our Penn Hills border.  There is no charge; however, content may be too
graphic for younger children.
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