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Penn Hills School District

About PHSD

The Penn Hills School District is committed to excellence in education and improved opportunities for all, with the focus on student learning.
District Vision
The vision of the Penn Hills School District is to engage our entire community to inspire individual students to their highest levels of reading and academic achievement while instilling a commitment to service, respect, and life-long learning.
About Penn Hills School District
Penn Hills is the second-largest community in Allegheny County. The community is serviced by the Penn Hills School District, which has three buildings currently housing over 3,500 students. Elementary students in K through grade 5 are housed in a central elementary building.  A middle school serves grades 6 through 8 and the senior high school grades 9 through 12.
The cultural, socioeconomic, racial, religious, and educational differences that exist in Penn Hills make it a unique, diverse community. The District recognizes these factors and the impact they have on the school system. We address these issues through differentiated educational interventions and schoolwide behavior programs that outline consistent behavioral expectations and offer positive recognition for students. Through these programs, we work to provide students with the words and skills to grow as both learners and citizens and provide them with a common, consistent message.
The Board has established four primary committees (Finance, Curriculum, HR/Policy, and Safety/Buildings and Grounds) with agendas posted on the District prior to the meetings. Meetings are open to the public and minutes are posted on the District website afterward. In addition, the District has an Athletic Advisory Committee which meets three times a year.
Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program
The Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program was created pursuant to Act 85 of 2012 (72 P.S. § 1701-G.1, et seq) and amended by Act 86 of 2016 (24 P.S. § 2001-B, et seq).  This program enables eligible students, residing within the boundaries of low-achieving schools, to apply for a scholarship to attend a participating public or nonpublic school.
The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) hereby officially notifies you that that the Penn Hills School District has been identified as having at least one school designated as a low-achieving school.  The following are the schools within the district designated as low achieving:
  1. Linton Middle School
  2. Penn Hills SHS
ARP ESSER Plan Submissions