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Penn Hills School District

Superintendent Section

A Message From Dr. Nancy J. Hines, Superintendent of Schools

Thanks for your interest in the Penn Hills School District. I’m sure you’ve heard that Penn Hills is changing. Yes, Penn Hills is changing and in a very positive way! We’ve looked at ourselves honestly and accepted that we need to make some very important changes. Our honest reflection has been validated by outside sources also, and change is in progress! I want to assure you, however, that our core remains strong during this rapid reform period. The strength of our core is the result of many caring and dedicated employees who are embracing positive change and who are helping us to operate more effectively and efficiently.
I personally have lived in Penn Hills for more than 20 years. My three older children are Penn Hills graduates, and each was exceptionally prepared for further studies at the college level. Their preparation resulted from committed staff who not only provided academic preparation but who also extended themselves by helping my children navigate typical teen challenges and other challenges that are less common and were specific to my children as individuals. I also have a student who just finished her studies at Linton Middle School, and will be moving to the Penn Hills High School this year. I am happy to report this youngest child is receiving the same level of preparation and care received by her older sisters, and she is absolutely loving the Penn Hills exeperience!
If you happen to be thinking my children’s experience is unique, let me confirm that is not the case. My expectation as the overarching supervisor in this District is that we maintain a true open door policy for ALL students and their families. People have to come first! To me, that means we welcome communication with you and your children, and we are happy to include students and their families in meaningful conversations and action planning that will lead to a positive school experience. While I can’t guarantee that all staff will be available every second of the working day to engage in discussions with you, we do insist on courteous and timely responses and flexibility with regard to planning meeting times around your schedule as well as ours.
As the District’s top-level administrator, I encourage you to reach out to me personally if you don’t feel satisfied or valued at any time. It is District protocol that all complaints must be logged, and a summary of findings must be available for administrative review at any time. I am happy to help you with issues that have not been resolved at the building level.
Penn Hills School District is on the move and in a very good way! We encourage you to find out more about our programs, staff, and state-of-the-art facilities!
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(412) 793-7000, Ext. 1282

Janet Langford
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