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Penn Hills School District

Financial Recovery

Financial Recovery Plan Input
Dr. Dan Matsook, the Chief Recovery Officer, is soliciting input from community stakeholders regarding the Financial Recovery Pan. A power point has been provided to generate suggestions, comments, or feedback regarding any potential revisions that could be considered for the district's plan to exit recovery status.
Comments are being received at every public school board/committee meeting during the month of March, or you can send responses to [email protected]
February 25, 2019 - Board Resolution
The Penn Hills Board of School Directors, as a matter of compliance, hereby authorizes the establishment of a twelve (12) member special advisory committee in accordance with Act 141 of 2012, as identified in the right panel of this page.
Financial Advisory Committee
PHSD Board Member
Dr. Robert Marra
PHSD Board Member
Ms. Jackie Blakey-Tate
AIU Representative
Joe Lucarelli
Charter School Representative
Dr. Dara Allen
Special Ed Advocate
Donna Westbrooks-Martin
(Exec Dir ACLD Tillotson School)
Representative of Adjoining School District
Tammy Good
(Business Mgr Riverview)
Penn Hills Resident
Cathy Wickline
Penn Hills Resident
Dr. Christine McClure
PHSD Principal
Kristin Brown
PHSD Business Official
Eileen Navish
PHSD Teacher Representative
Matt Herdman
(PHEA President)
PHSD Superintendent
Dr. Nancy Hines