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Penn Hills School District

Board of School Directors

Mrs. Erin Vecchio
Term Expires 2019 
Vice President
Term Expires 2019
 Robert Marra
Dr. Robert Marra
Term Expires 2019
Mrs. Janice A. Sens
Term Expires 2019 
Term Expires 2021
 Catherine Mowry
Mrs. Catherine Mowry
Term Expires 2019
Term Expires 2021
Term Expires 2021
 Kristopher Wiegand
Term Expires 2021

The Board of School Directors of the Penn Hills School District, in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, establishes policies, rules and procedures for the governance of the Board and for the safe and orderly operation of the Penn Hills School District.

The Board, as the agent responsible for the education of the students of Penn Hills School District, directs the development of a planned program of learning that meets the needs of all students in the district and is consistent with state and national standards. The Board recognizes its responsibility to provide a broad educational program consistent with the mental and physical potential of every child in our school community.

The purpose of education in the schools of this district is to facilitate development of the potential of each student to the fullest. Education is the guidance of the student through the learning processes to the end that the individual becomes personally effective in a dynamic society. To this end, The Penn Hills School District exists for the purpose of providing opportunities for learning and development for students. Every employee has equity in the learning process and must view his/her role from the extent to which s/he contributes to the establishment of a safe, secure, healthful, and challenging atmosphere for learning. Because it is the major function of the schools to provide learning, the curriculum and instruction are of primary importance in our operations.

It is the Board's philosophy to develop the special abilities of each student. The students' interest, needs, and learning style shall factor into delivering curriculum by providing adaptations and enrichment. Each student shall be offered curriculum opportunities that challenge his/her potential.

School Board voting meetings are generally held on the last Monday of each month in the Auditorium at Linton Middle School (250 Aster Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15235) beginning at 7:00 PM. For an up-to-date schedule, visit the District calendar on this website.

Committee meetings are open to the public as well.  They generally begin at 6:00 PM and are hosted in the Library/Media Center at Linton Middle School.