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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register my new student online? 
Yes, you can now register your student online. Use the New Student Online Enrollment portal to begin the process.

Do I need to make an appointment to register a student? 
Effective March 13 2020, all student registrations are done online and via email/phone calls. Proofs of residency and other required paperwork may be sent electronically to the designated building secretary (see contact info on right side panel). 

Prior to March 2020: Appointments are encouraged but not mandatory. As a matter of courtesy, scheduled appointments are taken first, but Walk-Ins are ALWAYS welcome! If you are joining us at a busy time, please consider making a personal registration appointment to help reduce your wait time. We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation and encourage families to call ahead to their building secretary to confirm individual school business hours.  

What residency proofs do I need?

You will need to provide us with either your Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Pennsylvania Identification Card and two current (less than 30 days old) utility bills (gas, electric, telephone, sewage, or cable).

What if I am new to Penn Hills? 
If you are new to the Penn Hills School District, we will accept letters from the utility companies showing you have service at the Penn Hills address with a current date. We do not accept leases, deeds, or sales agreements.

What if I am living with a friend or relative and do not have utility bills in my name? 
You will need to go on an affidavit of residency. Please contact the Student Registration Department at 412-793-7000, ext. 1217 or 1219, as this type of registration requires different forms and/or additional information.

How do I register a foster student? 
In addition to the guardian providing us with a Pennsylvania Driver’s License or Pennsylvania Identification Card with the current Penn Hills address and two current utility bills, we will need proof that you are the court-appointed guardian.

When will the student begin classes? 
For regular education students, the packet will be sent to the school/guidance counselor. Once the school nurse ensures that all immunizations have been received, the parent/guardian will call with a start date. It typically takes 3 to 5 days from the day of registration. Special education students can take a few more days for the placement determination to be made.

At the elementary level (K-4), the principal will make the homeroom assignment. At the middle school level (5-8), the guidance counselor will make the homeroom assignment. At the high school level (9-12), you will be contacted by the guidance counselor to schedule your child’s courses. If you have not heard from the high school guidance counselor after three days, contact the Guidance Office at 412-793-7000, ext. 5290.

If I have a special education student, do I need to provide a copy of the IEP or GIEP?
Yes. In addition to the standard registration packet, special education students will need an IEP or GIEP and a Current Evaluation of Current Re-Evaluation Report.

Do I need to provide immunization at the time of registration? 
Yes. All students must show proof of immunizations at the time of registration due to the Pennsylvania Department of Education State Immunization Law. Also, 7th and 8th grade students will not be permitted to start school without a tdap, Menactra, or Meningococcal shot. There is no grace period for the 7th and 8th grade students who do not provide proof of immunizations at the time of registration.

Do I need to contact the Transportation Department to set up busing for my child? 
No, the school office where you register your student will alert Krise Transportation to set up transportation for the child. You will receive a letter in the mail with all of the bus information.

Once I receive the bus letter, can I send my child to school? 
No. You must wait for the school to contact you with a start date.

What if I move from one address to another within the District? 
You must come to the individual District school office where your child is enrolled, intends to enroll, or where the child would be enrolled (for charter and non-pub) with your Pennsylvania Driver’s License/Pennsylvania Identification Card for your new address along with either two current utility bills or letters from the utility companies showing you have service at the Penn Hills address with a current date.

Contact Information

Senior HS – Gr. 9 – 12
Diane Bonnett



Ext. 5284


Linton – Gr. 6 – 8
Vivian Hawkes-Ware



Ext. 6124


PH Elem – Gr. K – 5
Sue Conte



Ext. 7113