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Penn Hills School District


We believe that you "Start with educational goals and let the technology serve them."
The Penn Hills School District Technology Department supports a wide array of cutting-edge technologies. The district has aimed to stay current in educational and enterprise technology that support student learning. Our department follows in an approach that consists of research, deployment, maintenance and support.
Some highlights of the technology supported:
  • A district-wide fully-redundant network consisting of a 10gig backbone
  • Full-wireless coverage in each building
  • Windows desktop and laptop systems
  • Virtualized systems
  • Chromebooks and various mobile devices
  • Classrooms consisting of Interactive whiteboards, projectors, document cameras
Low-cost Access from Home
Contact Information

russ seibert

Russ Seibert
Director of Technology
(412) 793-7000, Ext. 1249

Chaobo Wang
System Analyst and PIMS Administrator
(412) 793-7000, Ext. 1243

Colleen Szymansky
(412) 793-7000, Ext. 1244

Barry Plowman
Technology Coordinator
(412) 793-7000, Ext. 1420

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