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Guest WiFi Access

Penn Hills School District is pleased to announce that the majority of hallways, classrooms, offices and common areas in our middle and high school buildings have the capability of offering you access to the internet through our Guest WiFi network.  Please follow the directions located directly below to help you connect to the guest wifi network.
Please note that the elementary building will have the same capability in the 2018-2019 school year.
How to connect:
  1. Select PHSD-Guest to connect
  2. A web browser should pop up. If it does not, open a web browser
  3. If there is an error, browse to a different webpage i.e.
  4. Click the link “Please click here to connect to the network"
  5. Read the acceptable use of internet policy
  6. Scroll down and enter the following information
    a. First Name
    b. Last Name
    c. E-Mail Address (Will be used to send an access code)
    d. Phone Number (Used to send an access code if you don’t have email access)
    e. Mobile Service Provider (Needed if using Phone number to get access code)
  7. Check box to agree to the Acceptable use policy
  8. Click “Complete Registration”
  9. Once you receive the verification code via email or text message enter into the box
  10. Click “Complete Registration”
  11. Once the registration is completed you will be forwarded to the webpage
  12. Any questions please call ext. 4357