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Penn Hills School District

Linton Middle School

Mission Statement

The mission of Linton Middle School is to empower our students and community to achieve a positive and all-inclusive educational experience in a welcoming and safe environment.   We endeavor to provide and promote the necessary skills to foster lifelong learning habits, to be creative thinkers, and to be able to lead and succeed in the ever-changing world. 
Principal's Announcements
Christmas Tree Contest

The objective of this activity was for the students to utilize problem solving and teamwork skills to complete a goal.  Students were provided with toothpicks and spice drops and instructed to create a structure that looks like a Christmas tree. The goal was to make the tallest structure, but also have the characteristics of a Christmas tree.  Before beginning the activity, we discussed different ways to help make the structure stand on its own.  They brainstormed ideas together with their teammates and then worked together to design their group structures. 


Students won for the following:

Tallest Structure

Most Resembles a Christmas Tree

Team That Never Gave Up

Team Tireless in their Effort