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Penn Hills School District

Celebrate Success

In January of 2015, the Penn Hills Board of School Directors followed up on a suggestion by Linton Middle School Associate Principal Dr. Thomas Iaquinta to begin a program called "Celebrate Success."  Each month, a teacher is recognized from each of our buildings at the monthly Board meeting.  Honorees are chosen by the administrators of their buildings.  In presenting a plaque to the honoree, the building principal expresses publicly the reasons why his or her particular teacher was selected.  Criteria include consideration of observed performance and/or evidence in any/all of the following suggested areas:

  • Exceptionally creative/engaging lessons with documented academic results
  • Exceptionally creative strategies that promote parent engagement
  • Exceptionally committed efforts in the area of collegiality.
Oct - Seth Williams
Jan - Stephanie Mortimer
March - Kala Willimas
Sept - Lindsay Moser 
Oct - Jon Williams 
Nov - Crystal Rupert 
Jan - Dan Hack
Feb - Christine Anderson 
March - Martin Kenderson 
May - Amy Kingerski 
Oct - Colleen Prokopik
Nov - Victor Scassera 
Jan - Greg Pittman 
Feb - Melissa Mosco
March - Matthew Herdman 
April - Chris Darsie 
May - Jacqueline Bair