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Penn Hills School District

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Drop-In Center

Penn Hills Elementary, Linton Middle School and Penn Hills Senior High School have a drop-in center where students in the cyber academy will be able to receive assistance from their teachers.  Individual drop-in center hours and teacher shifts will be made available via a drop-in center schedule. All drop-in centers are closed on Fridays after 12pm. Families/Students may use their own transportation or utilize their regular school bus and stop. 
Students and families should first notify their teachers before arriving at the Drop-In Center.
Student expectations when using drop in sites:
  • Report to assigned area:
    • Penn Hills Elementary Room 159 - (412) 793-7000, Ext. 4159 or 7106
    • Linton Room 103 - (412) 793-7000, Ext. 3103 or 6116
    • Penn Hills Senior High School Room 236 - (412) 793-7000, Ext. 2236 or 5105
  • Sign in to the drop-in center
  • Stay in Drop-in center: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU LEAVE THE DROP IN CENTER otherwise you are subject to disciplinary action via administration…staff members escort students in the building unless students have classes in the building.
  • Use equipment appropriately, no damaging property
  • Speak to all staff respectfully
  • Follow all school rules and cyber rules: This includes appropriate dress! No hats or bandannas are permitted. No bare midriffs are permitted even with a shirt or cardigan layer. Pants must be worn around the waist. Anything advertising drugs, alcohol or weapons is not permitted.
  • Stay off of third-party websites other than for research, email or the course program
  • Sign out when you leave the drop-in center