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Enrollment Process

Students expressing interest in the Penn Hills C.H.I.E.F.S. Academy are expected to have basic computer skills and be willing to follow all Academy guidelines. Students must be able to manage their time and to work productively in an independent learning environment. Penn Hills C.H.I.E.F.S. Academy, as part of its registration process, will review current transcripts and complete a diploma audit. A student may be declined enrollment if Penn Hills School District Staff determine enrollment in the Penn Hills C.H.I.E.F.S. Academy will not afford the student an opportunity to gain required credits and/or to meet graduation requirements in a timely fashion. Enrollment may be declined also if Penn Hills School District Staff determine Academy course options do not allow a student to continue his/her studies in a particular content area or course options do not match a student’s career focus and/or special interests. Enrollment may be declined also for students who have pending disciplinary matters and/or for students who entered into legally binding agreements with the district in lieu of formal expulsion.

Interested students and their parents/guardians must complete all district enrollment forms as a means of confirming residency and program eligibility. Upon receipt of registration forms and academic transcript, a representative of the Cyber Academy program will review all documents and confirm program eligibility based on progress made toward Penn Hills School District graduation requirements and current online course options. Once eligibility has been confirmed, the student’s School Counselor will contact each student to arrange an interview to discuss program expectations and guidelines and to discuss each student’s online scheduling options. Each student should investigate the specific subject requirements needed for admission to post-secondary schools of his/her choice and/or course requirements specific to his/her area of career interest.
For any additional enrollment questions, please contact the Cyber Coordinator, Ms. Amy Kingerski, at 412-793-7000 ext. 5311.
Enrollment and Orientation Dates
Open Enrollment for Quarter 1 (prior to Aug 21st)
Family Orientation: Aug 16th, 17th or 18th
Interactive Orientation Transition: Aug 28th - Sept 7th
Last day of 1st Quarter is 11/1/2017
Open Enrollment for Quarter 2 (prior to Oct 25th)
Family Orientation: Oct 27th, 30th or 31st
Interactive Orientation Transition: Nov 2nd - Nov 13th
First day of 2nd Quarter is 11/02/2017
Open Enrollment for Quarter 3 (prior to Jan 10th)
Family Orientation: Jan 11th, 12th, 16th or 17th
Interactive Orientation Transition: Jan 22nd - Jan 30th
First day of 3rd Quarter is 1/22/2018

Scheduling Options(Blended Schedules and Forbes Road Career and Development Center)


To best meet the needs of our learners, we have a variety of scheduling options. C.H.I.E.F.S Academy offers scheduling options at the middle and high school level. Students may enroll full-time cyber, part-time regular school & part-time cyber, or Forbes Road Career and Technology Center & part-time cyber. FRCTC enrollment is dependent upon admission approval through Guidance. Students with blended schedules will have official permission to leave school at specific times. They are required to leave the building unless scheduled to be in the building or in their designated drop-in center.

Steps in becoming a Penn Hills C.H.I.E.F.S Academy student:
  1. Contact Ms. Amy Kingerski, Cyber Coordinator for PH C.H.I.E.F.S. Academy or the student’s School Counselor
  2. School Counselor notifies administration of desired enrollment
  3. Student’s family and Penn Hills School District Administration determine eligibility for enrollment
  4. An Interactive Family Orientation is scheduled and held
  5. Student completes a 7 Day Interactive Orientation Transition
  6. Student/Family becomes part of Penn Hills C.H.I.E.F.S Academy based on a successful completion of the Interactive Orientation Transition.